Ad Ops Guys: Outstanding Experience

Our Client Base

Ad Ops Guys Consulting specializes in assisting small to medium-sized businesses that find themselves in uncharted territory due to growth, mergers and acquisitions, changes in corporate leadership or large shifts in their established markets. We have proudly served clients from a wide range of industries, including:
  • Entertainment
  • Politics
  • Manufacturing
  • Technology
  • Gaming
  • Automotive
  • Telecommunications
  • Music

The List of Our Satisfied Clients:

The Chive

One of the top entertainment websites The Chive now reached its peak through quality content and a well-developed strategy to engage its audience. The range of posts includes videos articles, news, etc. covering charity, TV, nation, gear, and related site suggestions users might want to spend their spare time surfing through. Users can search everything from gaming, fun, and sports.
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Guitar Center

The wide variety of guitars, basses, amplifiers, keyboards, workstations drums, percussion, microphones, PA systems, DJ equipment, stage lighting, recording software, studio gear and more of brands of global scale is what the Guitar Center providing its customers with for many years now. The guitar Center has over 260 branches of stores all over the country offering just about everything you need to have – all in one place. Free shipping is also included in the services in case you need a delivery of that certain item your local store ran out of. The customer-friendly prices, the guaranteed quality, and the wide range of choices you can pick from are what make The Guitar Center the best place you can find yourself shopping in.
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Millions turn to the tools ProProfs developed to gain knowledge and skills as well as test their acquired knowledge on a monthly basis. Proprofs is a host to over 1 million pages with content that cover over 70 languages. The online and the access to the world’s largest libraries with massive resources are all that ProProfs provides its users with. ProProfs tools and products are used by companies like Sony & Dell as well as with educational institutions like Harvard & Yale. Founded by Sameer Bhatia ProProfs promotes freedom of access and equity in terms of making knowledge available to people from any background and perspective.
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Crowd Gather

n investor, an acquirer a manager and owner of digital assets in consumer and cannabis sectors are all words that define Crowd Gather Inc. The company’s online publishing network is connected by DIY community builder, Yuku, while its cannabis holdings include long standing online communities WeedTracker and RapMusic. Crowd Gather is a great opportunity for advertisers because except standard display advertising it also offers the so called content marketing or sponsored posts with the help of which advertisers will be able to reach their targeted consumers more effectively in an editorial and creative way. If you are a merchant, investor or just an enthusiast of cannabis, then don’t hesitate to join the large community of cannabis lovers that Crowd Gather has created.
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Radio Loyalty

Becoming the listeners’ choice radio RadioLoyalty™ is a wat to listen music, talk radio, and sports all over internet through your phone. RadioLoyalty™ makes the fact of listening to you fave radio stations while earning loyalty points and exchanging them with goods possible. Keep in mind this opportunity is provided given that there are over a thousand radio stations to choose from. All you got to do is to give it a try. RadioLoyalty™ is constantly improving their service as well as widening the range of opportunities users get to earn points, adding more broadcasters, and playing more great music. RadioLoyalty™ will make you enjoy every second of listening to music always open to feedbacks to further develop its strategy.
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Green Media

Business perception, awareness and discernment delivery to clients, partners and what is more important to the community, as well as reinforcement of quality collaborations between businesses, companies, NGOs and other organizations – this is what the main aim of Green Media is. Green Media, AdOpsGuys’ another significant client, plays an important role within the international development and sustainable development sectors. International development sector’s main aim is humanitarian aid, relief and development, as to that of the sustainable development sector it implies climate change improvements and green economy. Green Media has got a partnership with United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP). One of the most important publications released in partnership with UNEP is “Climate Action” joined with another publication called “Sustainable Cities” and includes such important subjects as various suggestions for the decrease in the greenhouse gas emissions and other tips for organizations and governments aimed at the environment conservation.
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Rubicon Project

If you are a content creator, a publisher, an application developer, an advertiser, or a brand then Rubicon Project is exactly for you. Due to its innovative technology Rubicon Project has created a totally new model for the industry of advertising aimed at making the automating of the buying and selling of advertising easily accessible and more comfortable. Rubicon Project enables you to buy, sell and protect a large number of advertising requests monthly, provides the first mobile app and desktop header bidder – Fastlane, as well as the industry’s all-inclusive mobile video solution equipped with all the types of mobile video format. Get the highest revenues from the industry of advertising as a publisher and have the best advertising experience as a consumer with Rubicon Project.
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Baby Med

All for women and all about women – this is the focus of Baby Med’s subjects and content. Having been founded by Dr. Amos Grunebaum, an obstetrician and gynecologist, Baby Med will help you providing professional advice and approach to all the common problems that you might have as a woman. The website’s content includes the following: everything connected with pregnancy and its different stages, online tests on checking the probability of pregnancy, the sex of the child, different interesting options that can be found in the Tools section, advice connected with infertility and other various female subjects included in the Women’s Topics section. If you have looked through all this and not found the answer to your question, then the Community section is where you should head on next. Create your own forum on topics that worry you and get professional tips and answers from Baby Med.
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My Classic Garage

Are you a fan of classic cars? You like driving and speed? Want to stay informed about all the innovations in the classic car industry? Look through the website of My Classic Garage and find all the interesting information that you are curious to know about classic cars. Sign up to My Classic Garage and get the following opportunities: planning and scheduling of all classic car related events, getting a powerful media storage i.e. creation and maintenance of photo and video content, a great number of options of vehicle parts, fast shipping quote, insurance quote availability. Be in charge of your page and share your collection of cars with friends as well as look through their garages and challenge yourself by checking your knowledge of classic cars clicking on the Trivia option. Be always notified about all the international classic car markets and events with My Classic Garage. As “the motto” of the website says: “My Classic Garage was built for enthusiasts by enthusiasts.”
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Verve Wireless

Here is another website targeted on the advertising sphere. To cut it short, the focus of Verve is to get the best out of all the opportunities that mobile devices give us. It is aimed at helping advertisers to get easy, real and quick connection with consumers through their devices. As an advertiser Verve provides you with experienced mobile experts who are constantly in search of new ways and solutions to get consumers more involved in the advertising process. The website offers location centered mobile marketing platform i.e. due to Verve you will know the location of your consumers through the apps that they download on their phones and learn a lot about their needs and interests simply by making conclusions based on where they go. Engage your consumers in the industry of advertising in order to better meet their demands with Verve.
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Car Domain Network

Here is another website for car enthusiasts. Car Domain offers you a variety of options for expanding your knowledge and interests in the sphere of cars by helping you meet other car enthusiasts, socialize with them and share your favorite car makes at the same time get acquainted with the preferences of, so to say, your co-enthusiasts of cars. As a user of Car Domain Network you can create a profile with the pictures and descriptions of your car, view the work of other car enthusiasts, talk to them thus getting new information about cars and making friends with people who you will have common interests with. Use the search option to browse cars that you are interested in and get information about their various models. Use all the opportunities that Car Domain gives you and get the best out of it by broadening your mind on the subject of cars and communicating with people from different cultures and backgrounds.
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You are a brand, a supplier or an agency that has had success in the business sphere to some extent and wants to achieve excellence in digital business, marketing or ecommerce then E-Consultancy is for you. The website offers a variety of services which include the following: premium subscriptions, research, webinars, events, online content, capability assessments, training, e-learning, skills development programs – all these designed to meet your demands and help you get the best out of digital business. E-Consultancy provides you with a variety of trainings delivered by professionals and wide-ranging research to help you get acquainted with the core details of digital business by introducing you all the information about market trends and business strategies. Don’t miss the chance of singing up to E-Consultancy and expanding your business through the “digital world” in a better and more professional way.
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ELFA Online

The Equipment Leasing and Finance Association (ELFA) is meant for helping businesses to acquire the equipment they need for the proper management of their companies. ELFA Online provides you with the following services: a forum for the development of your industry, a policy to promote your business and endorse it, a means of maintaining and developing information both for the business and about the business. Don’t lose the opportunity of cooperating with the equipment finance company ELSA due to which you will be able to get all kinds of equipment and software which includes: agricultural equipment, business, retail and office, different IT equipment, etc.
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Resignation Media

Resignation Media is a digital company that owns a number of websites, apps and OTT channels. Its main and more prominent brands are The Chive and Berry. The websites owned by Resignation Media are as follows: The Chivery, Buy Me Brunch and William Murray Golf. Chive TV which is a streaming entertainment channel, Chive Studios - an in-house production company and a sales and media operation division are also considered as the website’s property. Having been founded in 2008 by brothers John and Leo Resig it now boasts 170 full-time employees nationwide.
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Chicago Time Out

Are you a traveler or a tourist? Do you want to plan your journey to a new city and new culture beforehand so as not waste time on seeking the best places to visit in the city of your destination after your arrival? Then the website Time Out is exactly for you. The website provides you with information about all the famous touristic destinations from all over the world; be it an American, European or Asian city. Find the best things to do in the city you are planning to visit with Time Out. If your destination is, say, Chicago, then don’t think twice, just find the city in the list of cities of Time Out and read about all the things you need to know about Chicago: the best museums, the best places for sightseeing/entertainment, popular events, theatre and nightlife as well as the best free things to do in Chicago. Get unforgettable experience from your journey with the help of Time Out.
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Natural News

Are you worried about your health and the health of your family and children? Do you want to buy organic and natural food, personal care products, kids’ toys and be sure that they don’t contain chemicals? Then you have come to the right address. Due to Natural News you will get accurate and fact-based information about all the chemicals that various products might possibly contain and how to avoid buying such products. The website has unveiled a number of companies that sold unnatural food thus showing disrespect to human rights. On Natural News you will find information about a number of significant subjects which include the following: holistic health, nutritional therapies, spirituality, permaculture, organics, animal rights, environmental health, food and superfoods, performance nutrition. The website is strictly against such scientific experiments that harm or humiliate the rights of people and animals. Be aware, conscious and healthy with Natural News.
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Math Aids

Are you a Math geek? You need extra practicing in Mathematics or just want to have quality lessons in the classroom? Then Math Aids is designed right for you. The website Math Aids is a free resource for the aim of making an unlimited number of printable Math worksheets. The website assures you that the quality and the flexibility of the Math worksheets that they provide are of high value. Math Aids is specifically designed to meet your demands and leave you satisfied with all the options that it offers. Sign up to Math Aids and get a large variety of worksheets which include the following: different spheres of Algebra, decimals, division, estimation, flash cards, fractions, Geometry, etc.
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Consumer Track

The aim of Consumer Track as a digital company is the acquisition and obtaining of customers for its clients hence it is a leading Customer Acquisition Company. Consumer Track collaborates with a number of companies which includes over 1000 brands, banks, financial institutions, home service companies and travel groups. The digital company helps them in the acquisition of more customers and in the right targeting of those audiences which in search of their products and services. If you want to expand your business and attract more and more customers into buying your products or services then don’t hesitate to start working with Consumer Track. The company assures the appearance of hundreds of thousands of new customers into your business on a monthly basis.
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Are you a brand that wants to get the highest profits with quality advertisements? Then you are headed in the right direction. Addroid provides an innovative ad unit format as well as a web-based platform for making and serving quality video display ad units. With Addroid you will be able to direct your message with the highest creative impact across a number of platforms and with better Return on Investment (ROI). Here are some of the advantages that Addroid will surely provide you with: smart ad units combining the best qualities of rich media and standard ad units, high level of creative impact, freedom to select where to traffic the ads, automatic delivery of the best ad formats for any device, app or browser.
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Simply Holiday Deals

Are you planning to travel and spend your holidays in a different country or on an island surrounded with ocean and sun? But at the same time you want to save money and time on all the planning process? Simply Holiday Deals gives you the opportunity to get flights and accommodation all in a single package thus helping you save time on the search and bookings of flights. You can also get the best cruise deals with quality cruise ships due to this website. Simply Holiday Deals offers you the following time and money saving options: hotel deals which implies that you will be able to get big discounts, flight deals – the website will find the best prices for you with a variety of options, quality travel guides – get valuable information about the most popular destinations, their culture, sights worth visiting, nightlife and the like, first-hand access to discount codes. Join Simply Holiday Deals and get the most out of your travel experience.
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College Magazine

All about students and campus life – this is what College Magazine is about. Designed for students and specifically aimed to meet their demands by giving help and advice on the various difficulties they might have to face as a student College Magazine provides you with information and tips on the following topics: the best colleges based on their high ranking, future career success, student health, preparation for college, etc. You can find articles on a great variety of subjects all related to college and student life. They will help you get answers to such questions as how to study better and get higher grades, how to avoid disappointments when your expectations are not met at the new college, how to spend summer holidays effectively and so on. Join College Magazine and get help from a team of journalists and students from universities across the US.
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