Google Ad Manager (DFP Premium) Consultant


Several cases when a company or an individual may need DFP Premium Consulting

Situation 1

When you or your team needs assistance and consultation with the DFP Premium technology.

You have a website or network of sites and have a DFP Premium account but you do not know how to use the system for your advertising needs.

Situation 2

You need customer care and support for your business needs beyond the support given by the ad serving company.

Since DFP Premium is very expensive you get free support from Google but it is limited to their product. How to monetize and have your network of sites excel are fundamental tools to have in running a successful business. Technical issues arise from time to time but we provide the ins and outs on how to maximize your ad serving efforts beyond the standard support you typically receive. We also advise you on other networks beyond the DFP Premium technology.

Situation 3

Your ad agency team needs to understand Ad Operations and Trafficking so they can do their job more efficiently.

We can provide your team DFP Premium training on site or via teleconference. Both options come with additional support so you can feel at ease immediately following the training session(s).

Situation 4

You have heard that there are many Ad Traffickers openings and you want to work as an Ad Trafficker and need the training to successfully complete the job?

We will work with you and help you get up to speed on how to operate the needed technologies so you can excel in your career.

You came to the right place.

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