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Header Bidding Implementation

Basically, the main benefit is Header Bidding Implementation core concept — it allows publishers to upturn bidding competition on a per-impression basis, which rises the price and increase total advertising revenue. By taking cross marketplace bids and placing them in the first auction/market, all marketplaces vie for the impression. Header bidding implementation is also sometimes referred to as ‘advance bidding implementation’, ‘tagless’, or ‘pre-bid’ integrations.

Before taking a closer look at Header Bidding Implementation, let’s first have an idea of what exactly header bidding benefits are and why publishers should watch out?

Header Bidding Implementation Benefit #1

Decrease passbacks  – with a header tag integration, you get a warning from the SSP that they require the impression, and have transparency on how valuable that single impression is.

Header Bidding Implementation Benefit #2

Beat down your waterfall – managing the order in which partners gain access to inventory is no longer necessary because each demand partner declares how they value the impression up front.

Header Bidding Implementation Benefit #3

Improved yield management 

Header Bidding Implementation Benefit #4

Increase revenue – publishers earn more money, the ad serving expenses paid on passbacks are eliminated, discrepancies are excluded, as a result they sell the inventory for the highest rate irrespective of demand partner.

Header Bidding Implementation – Step by Step Guide

Step 1:

Publisher partners with third party header bidding provider and implements JavaScript code within the header of each page.


The code allows the header bidding partner to participate in every impression auction on the site this provides more opportunities for advertisers to bid on impressions and increase competition for publishers.

Step 3:

The highest bid from the header bidding partner is passed directly in the publishers’ ad server

Step 4:

IN the ad server, based on publisher preference, header bidding partners can compete with all other demand sources, including internal and direct-by demand sources from the publisher.

Step 5:

Like any auction, the highest bidding is displayed, and the publisher can be confident that they have received the highest possible bid for their inventory.