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Good Header Bidding Partner Should Offer Dedicated Account Management

So what is the ideal number of header bidding partners? According to statistics, the best number of header bidding partners is from four to seven.

Since its appearance header bidding has proved to be the most effective tool for increasing your website ad revenues. The secret to its success is that it uses the natural advantage of engaging only the highest paying header bidding partners irrespective of the ad order as compared to the waterfall action methods, which sends the ads in strict turns.

The Optimal Number of Header Bidding Partners

One thing is still debatable, however, and it is the number of head bidding partners one should have for the optimal working of this technology.

So what is the ideal number of header bidding partners? According to statistics, the best number of header bidding partners is from four to seven. This is that golden number, which brings the best CPM rates. But there are some experts, for example the head of revenue technology at Graphiq, AJ Okereke, who claim that one should try to have as many header bidding partners as possible. He states that those publishers, who acquired more than 10 header bidding partners, have increased their revenues from 30 to 50%.

One thing is still unclear though. What will happen to the quality of user experience if the number of header bidding partners will increase?

Eventually it may impact the site latency. The managing director of Business Insider UK explains that multiplying the header bidding partners requires more work, more resources and eventually more latency, which worsens user experience. Every publisher thus needs to think about this balance of user satisfaction versus increase of header bidding partners.

The Performance Of Header Bidding Partners

One more important thing. It is necessary to constantly monitor the performance of your header bidding partners. A/B testing is recommended to evaluate your new header bidding partner, instead of just adding the new partner and waiting. You should always track your new header bidding partners and gather such vital data as

>bidding requests

>response times 


Thus you should be able to drop the bad header bidding partners and add new, potentially better ones.

How To Choose A Good Header Bidding Partner? 

When choosing a good header bidding partner you should consider the following factors:

1. If they offer dedicated account management.

2.Check if your header bidding partner provides technical support and troubleshooting.

3.Make sure your header bidding partner has a good response time and that their script is efficient and fast one.

4.Lastly you should be aware how your header bidding partner handles request from different geographical locations.

…Those header bidding partners who possess geographically diverse data centers will usually respond faster to the response and thus avoid latency…