Ad Trafficker

Ad Traffickers – who are they and why do publishers/advertisers need their help? In order to answer this question precisely without missing out any relevant details, let’s first discuss the term known as Ad Trafficking. Ad Trafficking implies all the technical process that is compulsory for starting an ad campaign and all this process is carried out by Ad Traffickers on the ad server.

With the growth of Digital Marketing the need for advertising operations and trafficking companies that would provide experienced ad operations specialists or ad traffickers was quite predictable. Ad Traffickers will help you by providing quality management of your ad campaigns at the same time giving you the chance to save both money and time.

The Responsibilities of Ad Traffickers

Here is what Ad Traffickers are responsible for:

  • Managing the delivery of ads across ad exchanges, publishers, and networks
  • Management and placement of creatives on the website
  • Troubleshooting
  • Capping and a number of other minute details that are of great importance when organizing an ad campaign.

If you are not sure whether or not you will be able to do all the tasks connected with setting up an ad campaign at the same time overcoming all the related obstacles all on your own, then don’t think twice, apply for the professional and high-quality help of Ad Traffickers and get your ad campaigns done properly. Save your time, money and efforts by trusting the hard and painstaking chores of ad campaign set-up process to qualified Ad Traffickers.


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