Header Bidding

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Header bidding has proven to be a powerful tool for increasing ad revenue. Through header bidding, publishers are enabled to measure and conduct the real value of their inventory. Most publishers who use header bidding, get “addicted” by the perfect performance rates of header bidding and the benefits that they  get:

  •    more revenue
  •    more customers
  •    better performance

Getting deeper into header bid you can work miracles for your business, all you have to do is to get in touch with Ad Ops Guys, and our professionals will guide you through the complicated process of implementing header bidding.

Header bidding is an advanced technology which enables publishers to promote a concurrent auction from all the bidders. With the help of header bidding platform, publishers are now allowed to distribute their available ad inventory to multiple ad exchanges and get the highest possible bid.

Publishers Should Apply Header Bidding Because…

Publishers have a greater chance to maximize their incomes when they offer the ad inventory to several demand sources. These sources bid for the same ad inventory, and the publisher is permitted to choose the most profitable one. On the other side, header bidding eradicates the “waterfall” problem that most ad servers have. Multiple demand sources compete for the same inventory despite their rankings or histories.  In effect, one header bid source can increment the incomes by 10 percent.

Publishers Should Apply Header Bidding Because…

Header Bidding has a complete kit of answers for the yield inefficiency issues. Competent and strategic Publishers are well aware of the indispensability of the technical challenge and trusting relations with the partners. Header Bidding allows the buyers to view impressions before the ad server is involved.  So, the vacant ad inventory is available to the buyers.

Moreover, when two or more partners are involved the same impression is subject to bid more than once, and chances grow for higher yields. And here Ad Ops Guys comes as a big helping hand. With this in mind, Ad Ops Guys ad ops team commits to working out considerate techs and strategies to successfully install Header Biding and eliminate the latency issue.

The mutual benefit is the core why more and more publishers seek access to header bidding tags in addition to the considerable amount of publishers. Statistics show that 153000 Publishers each day seek for getting access to Header Bidding. This proves the inarguable benefits of Header Bid.