Pre Bid Header Bidding

Pre Bid Header Bidding

Pre bid also known as Header Bidding is an ad solution –  a tool used by agencies and/or clients to facilitate ad trafficking and to provide on ad performance. In other words, the goal is to provide software to websites to serve ads, count them, choose the ads that will make the website most money, and monitor progress.

Pre bid  is a type of inventory bid management that allows publishers to offer first look and bid opportunity to multiple programmatic partners that is then carried through to the publishers ad server.

Pre bid is setup is powered by a demand partner’s JavaScript tag that is placed on a publishers’ page (usually in the header) which requests bids from the partner before the ad server is called. This is sometimes referred to as header tag integrations or tag less integrations. The demand partner passes their bid value (through a key value pair) into the ad tag (s) that call the ad server.

In other words, line items are created and set up to tell the ad server what the ”bidder” demand value is. This process is implemented via key-values.

A campaign with line items in the publisher’s ad server are pre-set to target to those parameters. If the demand partner’s campaign wins above all other opportunity, the partner is called to serve the ad at the price they bid to pay.

Pre bid auctions run promptly on a publisher’s page allowing publishers to obtain external demand that may not be available through their primary ad server.

DFP order object limits contain 450line items maximum, and this amount should not be exceeded.

More joint effort is required with your Ad Ops Team when implementing header bidding than other Ad Ops setups.

There are some points to take into consideration before implementing Pre Bid:

  1. Select a Price Bucket Granulity

 Line items are created and set up to tell the ad server what the ”bidder” demand value is. This process is implemented via key-values.

  1. One set of line items for all the bidders versus for each bidder

The preferred way of setting up line items is one set for all the bidders

  1. Implementing Pre Bid requires more collaboration with your Ad Ops Team.

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